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Herbal Hug Baby Oil Travel 30ml (1oz)

Herbal Hug Baby Oil Travel 30ml (1oz)



Product Description

Herbal Hug Baby Oil Travel 30ml (1oz)

with Organic Calendula & Olive Oil
Organic olive and sesame seed oils hydrate baby’s sensitive skin, while an infusion of calendula, lavender and lemon balm helps soothe little ones and induce a restful calm. Gentle enough for use on newborns.

The ingredients are the product:
olea europaea* (olive) oil, sesamum indicum* (sesame seed) oil, calendula officinalis* (pot marigold) flower, lavandula angustifolia* (lavender) flower, melissa officinalis* (lemon balm), tocopherol (vitamin E) oil

  • LEXICON:Calendula Flower: powerful skin healer; anti-inflammatory; anti-fungal; anti-microbial; astringent; good for irritated skin, burns and redness

    Lavender Flower: soothing, skin tonic; anti-bacterial; healing, calming

    Lemon Balm: anti-viral, calming to stressful nerves and stomach, delicious tea

    Olive Oil: moisturizing; healing; relieves very dry skin; gentle, soothing to sensitive skin – especially new born skin; high in vitamins A & E

    Sesame Seed Oil: anti-bacterial; anti-fungal; gentle, fast absorbing; known for removing surface toxins from the skin; high in vitamins A & E and essential fatty acids

  • BENEFITS: Fragrance free
  • 100 % all natural & organic ingredients
  • Moisturizing oils of olive & sesame help protect baby’s delicate skin
  • Gentle & safe for newborn skin
  • Healing properties can be used on diaper rash, cradle cap & very dry skin
  • Use for after-sun care
  • Calming – great for baby massage
  • Multi-purpose for use all over baby’s body and face
  • Great for the whole family

Additional information

Weight .10 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 3.25 in

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