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Pediped Flex Racer Vapor Girls Shoes


Pediped Flex Racer Vapor Girls Shoes

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Product Description

Pediped Flex Racer Vapor Girls Shoes

The pediped footwear system meets the needs of every child for his or her walking stage.  Each child learns to walk at his or her own pace so children may reach each walking stage at a different age.  There is no set age to move from one pediped line to the next, just when he or she is ready.  As always pediped recommence that infants walk barefoot as their bones develop.  However, because barefoot walking is not always possible, pediped has created the next best thing to bare foot.

Flex feature cushioned arch support and soft rubber soles that provide excellent flexibility and promote healthy foot development.  The flex fit system allows you to adjust the fit of flex shoes to prolong wear.

Color Light Silver with Blue and Pink. Side has lace, toes have mesh top. Available in Size 7.5-8 only.

Color Pink with purple sole, heel. Available in Size 8.5 only.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 4 in

Pink with Purple size 8.5, Silver with blue & pink size 7.5-8,

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