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New HALO® BassiNest® swivel sleeper Premiers Series

New HALO® BassiNest® swivel sleeper Premiers Series


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Product Description

New HALO® BassiNest® swivel sleeper

From Your trusted brand leader in safe sleep, our award-winning HALO® BassiNest® is beloved by parents and nurses for its safety, comfort, and convenience.

The HALO® BassiNest® is the only bassinet with a 360º swivel to keep your newborn close allowing for essential bonding. Designed with mothers in mind, the patented lowering bedside wall makes it easier to care for baby from bed, especially for breastfeeding and C-section moms. Soothing sounds and gentle vibrations create a peaceful environment for your little one to rest safely and comfortably at your side.

BassiNest® is JPMA certified and independently tested to meet and/or exceed all U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission and Health Canada safety standards.

Safety Reminder:

Discontinue use when baby shows signs of rolling over or pushing up on hands and knees.

Always place your baby on their back for sleep. Never use soft bedding such as loose blankets, bumpers, pillows, and positioners in the BassiNest®. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests the use of wearable blankets to keep your baby warm.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 36 × 38 in


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