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Natural Double Electric Breast Pump by Philips Avent

Natural Double Electric Breast Pump by Philips Avent


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Product Description

Natural Double Electric Breast Pump

More milk in less time – Breastfeeding made easy

This set contains all you need to pump, store and feed your breast milk. Reduce expression time with double pumping, and sit comfortably with no need to lean forward and let our soft massage cushion gently stimulate your milk flow.

• Reduce expression time with double pumping
• Effective expression with 3 customizable settings
• Choose the most effective and comfortable setting for you
• Choose from a massaging and a power cushion
• Soft massage cushion with massaging petals
• Large power cushion for extra suction
• More comfortable pumping position due to unique design
• Easy to set up, express and clean
• Few separate parts and intuitive design
• Includes our Natural bottle and nipple for natural latch on
• Quiet pump for discreet expression, anytime
• Designed to let you express quietly

What is included
• Breast pump body: 2 pcs
• Base unit incl. tubing: 1 pcs
• Manual handle: 1 pcs
• Large massage cushion (25mm): 2 pcs (A smaller size cushion is available separately)
• Power cushion (27mm): 2 pcs
• Natural bottle 4oz: 4 pcs
• Extra soft newborn flow nipple: 2 pcs
• Travel cover: 2 pcs
• Sealing disc for milk storage: 2 pcs
• Milk storage cups: 10 pcs
• Storage cups adaptors: 2 pcs

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

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