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Fridet® the Momwasher

Fridet® the Momwasher


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Product Description

Perineal care is super important for new moms. But hospitals don’t seem to get that. They give you a useless, ketchup-bottle-looking-thing that’s supposed to defy gravity to work. That’s why we made Fridet the MomWasher which works upside down to make post-delivery healing process cleaner and easier. Simple, portable, a little adorable, Fridet the MomWasher is perfectly designed with new mom’s in mind.

What’s Inside? Fridet the MomWasher, 1 Waterproof Pouch

To clean: disassemble the Fridet and clean in warm soapy water

• Ingeniously designed to be held upside down
• Narrow neck for easy maneuvering down there
• Ergonomic design for an easy squeeze
• Includes a lightweight travel bag

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 4 in

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