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  • Baby HerbalHugOil 30ml

    Herbal Hug Baby Oil Travel 30ml (1oz) with Organic Calendula & Olive Oil Organic olive and sesame seed oils hydrate baby’s sensitive skin, while an infusion of calendula, lavender and lemon balm helps soothe little ones and induce a restful calm. Gentle enough for use on newborns. The ingredients are the product: olea europaea* (olive) oil, […]

  • matter compan Sub_Mom_HerbalSitz_1

    Herbal Sitz Bath- Matter Company (Substance) 2.5 OZ, with Lavender, Comfrey, & Rosemary Recommended by midwives and OB’s, sitz baths use the principles of hydrotherapy to promote healing and comfort mom after she has given birth. Our botanical blend of healing herbs, have traditionally been used for their reparative qualities, and offer a soothing respite […]

  • kc pad instant ice Frieda

    Instant Ice Maxi Pads Gone are the days of adult diapers filled with ice chips. These ingenious 2-in-1 postpartum padsicles combine instant cold therapy + an absorbent pad in one super chill double-date for your vagina. CHILL AND ABSORB: Instant Ice Maxi Pads are Step 3 in the Frida Mom 5-step Postpartum Recovery Regimen INSTANT […]

  • pacifier clip jj cole leather

    JJ Cole Leather Pacifier Clip Keep your baby’s pacifier handy and clean with a stylish JJ Cole Pacifier Clip. Each features an easy-attach clip that’s gentle on clothes. Simply clip it on, and you can save yourself from the stoop, clean, repeat routine that happens whenever your little one lets the pacifier fall to the […]

  • BB284_1pink flamingo glasses Sale! FREE SHIPPING !

    Kids Adventure Banz (2y+)  Sunglasses Designed in Australia, Banz sunglasses offer comfortable, safe, and stylish sun protection for even the tiniest sets of eyes. The adjustable Velcro on the flexible strap allows the glasses to grow as the child does. With Banz, little ones will be ready for any adventure, whether it’s a stroll down […]

    $22.95 $19.95
  • Banz 2yr

    Kids Hearing Protection Earmuffs (2yr +) – Onyx Planning on taking your kids to loud sporting events, concerts, or on airplane rides? Protect your kids’ ears with BanZ earmuffs. These protective earmuffs are the only kids earmuffs that are approved to both European and North American safety standards. Banz effectively attenuate harmful loud noises without […]

  • Print

    Kidsme Food Feeder in lime green-FREE SHIPPING ON THIS PRODUCT! The award winning Food Feeder Plus features a larger, flexible silicone sac to satisfy a baby’s growing appetite. With the Food Feeder Plus enhanced ergonomic design, and larger feeding sac, your child can safely and independently explore new tastes and textures. All of this will […]

  • kidsme food grinder yellow

    Kidsme Food Grinder Available in Lime color only. For grinding food up for your Baby Kidsme Food Grinder is specially designed to grate the fresh food into smaller pieces when preparing baby food. It helps preparing food in accordance with baby’s age and eating abilities. It is an ideal tool for making smooth purees for […]

  • Kushies Chewbib Spaced out

    Kushies Baby Chewbib Bandana Bib with Teether, Spaced Out-FREE SHIPPING ON THIS PRODUCT! Bandana style bib for modern look with Velcro closure Silicone is of food grade quality

  • kc laundry detergent 100 loadsFREE SHIPPING !

    Laundry Detergent – 100 Loads 600g -BunchaFarmers -All Natural -No Artificial Chemicals BunchaFarmers’ new all natural Laundry Detergent is great for your regular or high efficiency washing machine. There are NO ARTIFICIAL CHEMICALS so you will have bright, clean and fresh laundry just like Grandma used to wash. Good for approximately 100 loads, depending on […]

  • kcPA-breast pump manual box

    Manual Breast Pump With a re-angled shield that allows Mom to sit naturally upright while pumping and the patented soft 5-petal massage cushion, the Philips AVENT manual pump has Mom’s well-being in mind. The gentle-draw vacuum mimics a baby’s natural suckling action to encourage adequate milk flow, while the pump can easily be operated with […]

  • kc buncha farmer soap lemongrass display out Sale!

    Manuka & Lemongrass Soap -Made in Canada-Hypo-Allergenic Case of 6 Bars of Soap This gentle and moisturizing soap from Buncha Farmers is made with healing Manuka honey from New Zealand, and with palm, coconut and olive oils. It also features a pleasing lemongrass scent. This soap is perfect for those with sensitive skin, including infants […]

    $8.98 $8.00

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